What is that ?

Aphrodisiac honey (Royal Honey VIP, Black horse, Bio Herbs, Etumax) is an ancestral recipe from the Malaysian royal family. It is a natural and instant source of energy which improves male and female vitality.It is pure honey, enriched with a selected blend of tropical forest herbs (Ginseng, Tongkat Ali), authentic from Malaysia.Royal honey contains:- Of Honey 97% pure , fortified with royal jelly- Bee Pollen and a blend of herbs from the rainforest- Protein minerals, vitamins, amino acids and digestive enzymes.

What are its benefits ?Aphrodisiac honey is an immediate source of energy, which stimulates the absorption of nutrients, improves skin tone and prevents skin aging.

It does not contain any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.It improves the synthesis of testosterone, increases the level of physical endurance and libido. It also increases the response and quality of semen while increasing the duration of erections and their qualities. Most of our honeys are mixed, they work equally well on men and women.

For women, in addition to increasing desire, honey increases vaginal sensations and increases the production of love juice. It will also have the effect of improving physical performance, less fatigue felt during and after exercise.

Its action varies between 6h and 72h depending on the organism and the category of honey. Indeed the duration of action varies according to the type of honey ingested. The effects of a Bio Herbs will be much longer than those of an Etumax in theory.

These aphrodisiacs have proven their effectiveness, allowing its users to extend the duration of intercourse from 2 to 5 times depending on the honeys. This gives you and your partner 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How to use it?Aphrodisiac honey should be taken at a minimum 1 hour before The report. For an optimal effect, do not eat anything after ingesting the honey and drink plenty of water to diffuse the effects of the honey throughout the body.

The honey aphrodisiac can be drunk as is or you can put it in your hot or cold drinks (tea, coffee). You can use honey as a cure, 1 morning and 1 evening every 3 days, or else 1 at 2h before the report.

It is possible to combine 2 different honeys (Black horse, Bio herbs …) but it is important to take them 2h intervals to a minimum to maximize their effects.

Example of an ideal scenario: Consume a stick of Bio Herbs in the morning in a coffee or tea, then consume a Royal Honey VIP in the evening 2 hours before the report.

Bio Herbs : Consume 4 to 5h minimum before report – 48h to 72h effective

Royal Honey VIP : Consume 2h before the report – 24h effect

Black horse : 1h before the report – 12h to 24h effect

Etumax Male / Female : 1h before the report – 6 hours of effect